Replacement Latch Kit

Replacement Latches for you Munchbox.

Below outlines the process to replace the latch:

  • Before you begin, use the tool provided to push the pin on the left (short pin) slightly outward to make the process easier when you are ready to insert the latch;
  • If you have difficulty extracting the pin from the plastic around it, drop it into a cup with boiling water for a minute or so.
    This will help expand the plastic and enable the pin to move more freely;
  • Insert the extended pin (long pin) on the right first, align the second pin and push it into place with the tool provided

Sometimes, children push the latch back too far and eventually this can cause damage if it occurs regularly. To prevent the latch from breaking, we strongly recommend demonstrating to your child how to properly use the latch taking care not to push the latch back beyond its anchor point, which adds undue stress to the joint. The Munchbox latch is not designed to be used as a lever to open the Munchbox and doing so may weaken the structure of the latch. To prolong the latch, please ensure the Munchbox latch is unfastened and then the box is opened by lifting the lid from the outer box only.

Over time however it is possible that the pin holes holding the latch in place can become compromised through ordinary use and this is a normal reflection of use. It is advised that should you experience issues with your latch after an extended period, you inspect the holes for deterioration.


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