The nude food movement is saving the planet one lunch at a time - and it’s helping convince fussy little foodies to chow down on their meals too ! Who needs plastic wrap, disposable bags and tinfoil ? Not you ! Your child will love opening their box to discover a beautifully presented little meal all laid out for them and with Munchbox® it’s too easy ! Each compartment is specifically designed with child-sized portions in mind and keeps foods fresh and separate through a specially sealed lid.

Munchbox® is wholly Australian owned and operated. Munchbox® is the brainchild of Aussie mum Sally Soo.

With her eldest child preparing to start school, Sally searched everywhere for the perfect lunchbox...but it couldn't be found ! They were too bulky. They were too small. They leaked. They had flimsy, loose or complex lids that little fingers struggled to undo. It was a real challenge. So she decided to design her own. The right size. The right shape. Comfortable for kids young and old to use. And best of all: easy for a mum to pack and clean ! The result was Munchbox®. Now available in wide range of beautiful colours and two different sizes.